Summer Camp 2018 @ KaushikDhwanee – Info and Benefits

KaushikDhwanee is offering Summer Camp for the sixth year. Over years we got many questions about the summer camp, its benefits etc. Many parents enroll their kids to the summer camp to simply engage their kids during vacation. On the other hand, many parents have a concern whether one month of summer camp will add any value to the skills of the students considering that the duration is only a month. This concern is all the more applicable in case of learning musical activity since it takes many months/years to learn music.

From our first year of offering the summer camp, our goal in providing this service is clear – it is to create an environment for the students in which there will be significant value add to their skills.

Activities include:


  1. MUSIC: Keyboard
  2. DANCE: Western Bollywood Dance
  3. ART:
    1. Drawing Painting Clay Modeling Origami Flower Making
    2. Cursive Writing


  1. Yoga and Meditation
  2. Karate


  1. Chess
  2. Carrom

Out of 4 arts activities, there is an option to choose any three. From the sports, there is an option to choose either karate or yoga.

Timing and other details:

Monday to Friday for three hours every day. Total 20 sessions (5 sessions extra to those who join early)

Approach towards teaching and execution of the summer camp:

Each activity is taught for 30 minutes which constitutes 2 hours out of the three hours of summer camp. After two activities there will be a break of 10 minutes. For the remainder of time, kids can play the fun games or learn more of the activities that they like. In the 5 sessions every week, every activity is taught for 3 to 5 days. More time will be spent with each student depending on the need to do so and in the activities that they are more interested in.

While we are very serious about teaching in our summer camp, we do not force any students to learn. We as teachers need to go with their preferences and not thrust ours on to them. This is all the more true in case of 3 to 5 year olds.

Benefits of the Summer Camp

  1. Conducive learning environment that unleashes creativity in the students
  2. For the kids between 3 to 5 years of age, this environment exposes them to a variety of activities thereby influencing their minds to learn art in particular and prepares them for any learning in general
  3. Students get a hands on knowledge of activities they choose and are able to demonstrate their skills at the end of the summer camp in at least 2 activities
  4. Sharply increases focus, boosts memory, instills confidence among many other benefits

Summer Camp Banner Four by Three doc large

About KaushiikDhwanee
KaushikDhwanee is a Music Dance and Art School located at two locations in Hyderabad India in the suburbs of Kondapur and Nallagandla. For any questions about this blog, please email us at


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